Teen Camp 2

Special Event – Sunday 3/1/20

Teens Takeover Sunday Services!

The teens from CSL Parker and New Dawn will be leading our Sunday Service on March 1st. Come early and enjoy this special celebration with us!

Children’s Church (ages 3 to 9)

Our youth program offers uplifting lessons which are provided by dedicated adults for our children.  Children follow a structured lesson combined with an artistic craft project in a way that empowers them and helps them learn basic Religious Science principles. Children meet at 10:00 a.m. in designated class rooms at Cimmaron Middle School.

Pre-Teen Group (ages 10-12)

Pre-Teens meet on the second and fourth Sunday of each month in a designated classroom at Cimarron Middle School.  As the group expands, we will add more Sunday meetings to the schedule.  Pre-Teens have their own curriculum and projects during their time together as they grow in the Science of Mind philosophy.

TEEN GROUP (ages 13-17)

Teens are invited to attend the Sunday service, spiritual courses, workshops, and all other events. We have a teen group that meets the first and third Sunday of each month where they discover fun and practical ways to incorporate spirituality into everyday living. (As the group expands, we will add more Sunday meetings to the schedule.)

Rev. Phil Tapp – Youth Minister

Rev. Phil currently serves the community as a staff minister and is also the youth education director. He and his wife Cindy have been members of CSL Parker since 2012, and their blended family of eight children has been an excellent teacher, providing a wonderful basis for the introduction of Science of Mind principles as a parent or mentor. Rev. Phil uses his experience and training to help guide children and adults to learn to listen for and trust their own inner guidance. He affirms the divinity in All through enthusiastic engagement in kindness and gratitude, and creates real connection with people, particularly children. Rev. Phil teaches spiritual practices that support them in an empowering way toward acceptance of themselves as the creator of their own experience.

Rev. Phil has adopted the Centers for Spiritual Living global vision of “A World That Works for Everyone” as his personal vision. He believes that his passion for practicing, teaching and sharing the principles of Science of Mind assist in bringing about this vision. He is in the business of empowering people to lead more satisfying effective lives that heal humanity, and he recognizes the need for this to translate into social sectors where equanimity is lacking. To that end, Rev. Tapp also serves on the Board of Directors of Bullying Recovery Resource Center as their designated Youth facilitator, aiding traumatized youth in recovery.

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