Prayer Changes Things

We practice a specific kind of prayer called Affirmative Prayer or Spiritual Mind Treatment which is a highly effective way of activating the creative process to assist in the realization and manifestation of our deepest dreams, hopes and desires. In this type of prayer, we do not ask or beg an external God for help or things, but rather recognize that there is a power in the universe that we can use. This power is known as the Law of Attraction, the Law of Mental Equivalents, the Law of Cause and Effect — and other spiritual laws and principles which respond to our deepest held beliefs, feelings and desires. This form of prayer allows us to be a co-creative influence in the quality, outcome and experience of our own lives.

If you would like to experience this type of prayer, simply complete the form below and one of our Practitioners will formulate and send an affirmative prayer to you.

Our Practitioners are available to pray with you every Sunday after service. You may also submit a prayer request using the link below and someone will call or email you back as you indicate on your request form. 

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Many Blessings on your spiritual journey!

How to Talk to God: A Meditation

by Dr. Ernest Holmes

…There is a key to right living, a golden key to happiness, and understanding that key is prayer. Prayer is our direct line of communion with God. Through prayer we clear our minds of doubt and fear.

So, let us join in our prayer for today: “God’s ever-present supply is flowing through me and around me.”

Let us join in affirming God’s bounty, here and now. Let us shut out everything, all distractions of the moment and listen confidently, peacefully, quietly. …

Say to yourself quietly, simply and with complete confidence: “I know that God, the living and Divine Spirit, is right where I am. I know that there is a loving presence around me.

“I know that I live and move and have my being in the Spirit of life. It is my desire that only that which is good, peaceful, loving and life-giving shall flow through me.

“Therefore, I bless everything I do, everyone I meet, every situation in which I find myself, and I know that God blesses everything I do and everyone I meet and every situation I find myself in. I believe that all my needs are met by Divine Love and that I am guided by Divine Intelligence to know and to do whatever is good.”

—Excerpted from “This Thing Called Life” radio program, Sunday, October 9, 1949. The full article is available at


by Rev. Marilyn Lewis

God is my Creator and Source. I now turn within to that One Power and Presence that created me whole, perfect and complete.  It is alive within me now and always.

My body is a temple of Spirit, created in perfection to express the fullness of life.  

Regardless of any condition I may face, I accept the wisdom and healing power of my Creator that renews and revitalizes my body in the pattern of perfection. 

I declare that any thoughts or conditions that are unlike God are now removed from my mind and my body and are transformed into love and healing energy. There is only wholeness and health within my being.

I give thanks for the Divine Love and Healing Power that flows through every cell of my body.  I am Health.  I am Whole.  And I am in deep gratitude.  I release this prayer into the Mind of God and let it be.  And so it is!


by Irene McKnight, RScP

In the stillness of this moment I connect with the Divine Presence. I recognize the essence of God in all things, in all people. in this place that God is,  I recognize and relax into the knowing that I am one with the peace and the presence of God. 

I realize that all life is one with the Divine. As I seek relationships of love and connection, I know I meet people every day that are seeking the same thing I am. I know the friends I attract are in harmony with my values and interests. As I am caring and loving to others I know I attract caring and loving friends.   I am grateful for all my relationships, for God is in and through each one of us and is the source of all that is.

I am in appreciation for the sacredness of life around me and through me. I am grateful for the fullness of my life and the knowing that God is my Source in all things. 

As God knows the intentions of my heart, I release this treatment for loving relationships to be manifest in the highest form for my highest and greatest good. 

 I release this treatment into the soil of creative form.  And so It Is.


by Irene McKnight, RScP

As I move into this time and space I recognize the Divine Presence is in and through all things around me. God is everywhere, God is within me. 

As I seek employment I know Spirit understands exactly what fulfills and supports me in ways beyond my expectations. I claim my perfect employment now and I look forward to going to everyday. I work with caring loving people of integrity.  My job fills my physical, emotional and financial needs and more.  I have skills and I know there is a person that is looking for exactly what I have to offer.  We are a perfect match for each other. This position is for the highest and best good for both of us and shows up in perfect timing. 

I am grateful for all the skills I have gained in life. I am appreciative for all the opportunities that are on my path. In this moment of now I am grateful for the Divine guidance that leads me and guides me on my wonderful fulfilling journey of life and my perfect employment.

 I release this treatment for the special job that is mine to be manifest in perfect form of this or something better. I release the “how” and know it manifests in perfect timing and perfect form. 

 I release this treatment into the soil of creative form, And So It Is.

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