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The Center for Spiritual Living Parker welcomes you!

This Center, also known as CSL Parker, is a spiritual community dedicated to teaching and applying spiritual principles in daily life. We strive to awaken within each soul that which yearns to express itself in rich and wondrous ways. We apply age old spiritual teachings to transform the hearts and minds of humanity, one soul at a time.

We provide love, harmony, peace and the acceptance of abundance to our congregants and all people everywhere. And everyone is welcome, no matter which facet you polish on the great jewel of life.

The CSL Parker spiritual community is a teaching and healing ministry, carrying the messages of the great masters. The Community Spiritual Leader, together with the Practitioner corps, serve as the inspiration, educational and healing arms of the center. They provide inspirational services each Sunday, conduct spiritual growth and educational classes, provide Spiritual Mind Treatments and generally assure the spiritual health of our community.

CSL Parker recently joined the Centers for Spiritual Living to enlarge the reach, depth and breadth of its ministry. The congregation is loving and welcoming, interested in learning more about spirituality and the Science of Mind, and sharing empowering teachings with the wider community.

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