Written by: Diana Curran, co-coordinator

A new year and decade have arrived and so we change out our calendars.  We write down our resolutions, hoping our good intentions will change our bad habits.  With another birthday under (or over) our belts, we see our bodies change.  And with the hope of a fresh start, we pray for a change of heart, a change of attitude, and/or a change in awareness.

As CSL-Parker evolves into a more diverse and expansive community, WOWWWW (or WOW4) is also looking to update and upgrade our women’s group.  We have added Will to embrace our feminine power, courage, and determination to get things done.  And we’ve chosen Worth instead of Wealth to reflect the abundance in our hearts and souls as well as our wallets.

We want to make WOW4 a vibrant, inclusive, accessible, meaningful, and productive use of your time.  We realize that you have many important commitments in your lives and regular attendance at a meeting may not always fit into your plans.  As we review the surveys we’ve received, we will work to offer the women of CSL-Parker an opportunity to connect with each other in a safe spiritual place as they are able. And so it is.