By Rev. Rick McCollum

I have had people ask me why we call ourselves a Spiritual Center and not a church.  The definition of church focuses on a physical building dedicated to the Christian faith.  We do not limit ourselves to just the Christian faith.  We honor all paths to the Power in the Universe that is greater than we are.  We recognize every individual is an expression of the One God, One Spirit, One Power that is called by many names and is the same Divine Presence.   Just as we would not limit ourselves by saying we are a Mosque, Temple or Synagogue or any other house of worship associated with a particular faith tradition.  We are a Center, occupying a middle position of accepting all paths to the Divine.   

Everyone who is on a spiritual journey is welcome at our Center.  We embrace the spiritual principle of Unity and Oneness of all.  That means we are connected to all life, all nature.  The very core of our being and life is a gift from the Divine Presence.  We do not judge or condemn anyone for their belief.  We follow the Science of Mind philosophy which is a welcoming and inclusive philosophy created by Rev. Dr. Ernest Holmes our founder.  Our philosophy is “open at the top” meaning we evolve as we experience and discover more Truths in life.  If you are open to learning more, please join us for a Sunday service or a class.  Namaste’