“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.

Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

       -Martin Luther King Jr.

Treatment Purpose: Stepping into Oneness, Truth, and Full Light 

By: Louann Hillesland, MA, LPC



There is one Power operating in this universe.  This Infinite Power is everything. It is all there is. The Source of All Creation is One with the all-abiding everything. Oneness is all there is. This force of Oneness is wholeness, love, joy, abundance, and Light. This Power is the force of Truth, the One Truth, and the only Truth.


I know that Oneness and Truth is, all there is, therefore, I Am One with the Universal Source. I Am One with the infinite Power of the universe. I have dominion through my consciousness and my choices.  Therefore, I can choose, and do choose to be an ever-expanding part of the Divine flow of Light. The Divine flows through me. I Am Divine. I Am One with the Universal force of All. I am One with this Power of wholeness, love, joy, and abundance. I am One with the Power of Light, the force of Truth.


In the past, I have chosen to play small.  I have chosen just a small part of the light flow that is available to me.  As a Divine Being, as a being whose very molecules are One with the molecules of the Body of Spirit, I am tired of choosing small. I’m tired of it, I’m done with it! Instead, I choose right now, and forever going forward, to claim the full-Light that is mine to claim.  I claim it wholly, I claim it completely, and I claim it NOW! I choose the full force, the full strength, the wholeness, total joy, unlimited abundance, and I choose plenty for this year of 2020!

I choose complete Oneness with the Universal Source. I choose complete immersion with the Light flow. I breathe in Spirit with every breath in. With every breath out I let go of old conditions that no longer serve me, that are no longer part of my Truth.  My Truth is the full Light that is mine for the taking. I choose the full Light.  I choose the full force, the full strength, the wholeness, total joy, unlimited abundance, and love. I choose complete Oneness. I choose to be dazzled every day by the wonder of my Oneness with the full Light.  I choose to be awestruck, amazed, and thrilled beyond my very imagination at the glory of the full Light that I embrace and that embraces me and touches everyone and everything in which I have contact.


My intention, desire and command of Oneness with the full-Light available to me, is coupled with great gratitude for the incredible goodness of this astonishing, amazing Universal Power. I place these words into the law, which always says, ‘Yes.’

I give thanks for the ever-expanding awareness of the Divine force of the All, within me and of my Oneness with the full Light.  In gratitude, the expansion of my connection to the God Light and God flow is even greater. I feel huge excitement as I commune with this knowing within.


I release this prayer of illumination into the Law of Mind resting in the assurance that Spirit has already made it so; it can be no other way. And so, it is.