The Practitioners of CSL Parker are considered the “healing arm” of the center, and their power is in prayer. They are expertly trained in the art of Spiritual Mind Treatment, and hold the highest consciousness of Oneness for congregants, the leadership, the center, and ultimately humanity. They offer confidential spiritual support on a one-to-one basis, as well as concerted group prayer upon request. Practitioners are available for a complementary “mini-treatment” following Sunday Services, and also accept written prayer requests. A complete Practitioner session may be scheduled with the practitioner of your choice for a nominal fee. No one is turned away for inability to pay. These sessions are invaluable to the client and nearly always life changing, offering powerful belief shifting that results in different circumstances or conditions in the life of the client.

CSL Parker Practitioners meet once a month on the 3rd Sunday immediately following the Sunday Service. The purpose of this meeting is to support each other in spiritual growth as well as unify consciousness surrounding the growth of the center and the people within it.

Contact our Practitioners

  • Our licensed practitioners are available for a FREE prayer session after the Sunday Service, as well as Private Sessions on a fee basis.