Deposit Hope Into the Bank of Life

— by Dr. Ernest Holmes

How would it be if we all opened a spiritual account with the Bank of Life and, realizing that we are drawing on the Infinite, each day deposited enough hope and happiness and faith to more than meet any emergency that might possibly arise? The wonderful part about this is that we know Life contains all these things and it wants to give them to us. It is intended by the Divine scheme of things that we should have them.

Why can we not think of it this way: God has already made the initial deposit — and a big one — for everyone who is ever born into this world, because God has given Himself to us. …

If you take the time to harmonize yourself with Love, you will find that when some incident that seems hateful or discordant arises in your experience, you can draw on a Reserve Force. When some experience comes along that seems unloving, you are able to write a check from your Bank of Life that will cover every liability of unkindness. God is Love, and all the Love there is, is yours now.

Excerpted from entry for April 22, 365: Science of Mind, A Year of Daily Wisdom from Ernest Holmes