By Rev. Rick McCollum

A spiritual practice is anything that directs you to the God of your understanding.  The power in the Universe that is greater than we are.  There are an infinite number of things that we can identify as a spiritual practice.  Since we are each on our own journey, I cannot tell you what will help to connect you to your higher power.  I can share some of the things that many people find helpful but this is an individual decision.  

Some people find meditation of some sort a great way to connect with their spiritual nature.  There are so very many ways to meditate, I will share some of those in the future right here in this space.  For now, know that we offer classes on meditation and a free meditation each Sunday morning at 9:15 before our celebration service.  

Another spiritual practice is praying.  An affirmative prayer can be for yourself or for another person.  It can even be for a situation or group of people.  Many people will use an affirmation or mantra to remind themselves of their prayer throughout the day.  Repeating the phrase can keep your mind in the positive direction you want to manifest.  

Did you know singing is a spiritual practice?  It is true.  If you are using songs to connect your mind with the mind of God, that is a spiritual practice.  Watching a movie and thinking about the spiritual themes or lessons can be considered a spiritual practice.  Some people using reading of spiritual articles or lessons as part of their practice.  

Some people enjoy sitting in the silence and listening to Spirit.  Any mindfulness practice that allows you to listen for the voice of Spirit or give Spirit a voice through you can be a wonderful spiritual practice.  

Check back for more details and ideas on ideas for developing and maintaining a spiritual practice in this space.  Feel free to comment or share what some of your favorite spiritual practices include.