Rev. Rick McCollum is the Senior Minister of CSL Parker.  He received his Master’s in Consciousness Studies from the Holmes Institute and graduated from the Centers for Spiritual Living, School of Spiritual Leadership.  He holds a second Master’s degree in Health Services Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing.   

Rev. Rick has been a spiritual leader and student of the New Thought philosophy for over 20 years. He has a passion for helping people find a practical vision for their life that connects mind, body and spirit for their highest good.  

As a metaphysical teacher he uses his storytelling skills as well as, his great sense of humor to provide meaningful insights into the deep truths of life.  His goal is to inspire others in unlocking their limitless potential to create the life of their dreams.  Encouraging this personal transformation in everyone, stems from his true love of people and honoring the diversity of spiritual paths to the One Divine presence in all. 

His Sunday messages draw from the teaching of all religions, ancient philosophies, science and even quantum physics to create an understanding of Oneness and Unity among all spiritual seekers.  He invites anyone who is seeking a life-affirming spiritual community to join us. 

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