“Prosperity is a way of living and thinking, and not just about money or things. Poverty is a way of living and thinking, and not just a lack of money or things.” -Eric Butterworth

Poor White Trash or Rich Beyond Measure?

Written by: Louann Hillesland MA, LPC, RSPc

‘I was the unwanted third girl of our impoverished family,’ Onya shared quietly. ‘At school I had no friends, no teachers who cared about the raggedy little girl with the ‘crazy parents.’  The other kids surrounded me one day taunting ‘You are poor white trash!’  I stood up to them with my chest and chin jutted out and bellowed, ‘Huh-uh, my ‘Father’ is the richest ‘Father’ of all!’

Wow!  The story this beautiful, accomplished young woman shared with me was amazing. Even at the tender age of eight, with no support from family or friends, Onya knew the Truth about herself.  She recognized that she was a divine being with God as her ‘Father’. In addition, she already had a knowing that everything comes from Universal Source.  At age eight this little ‘impoverished’ girl knew deep within herself, important spiritual Truths.

Knowing the Universal Truths, that she is Divine, a child of the Creator, who is her unlimited Source, Onya left home at age 16 and created a beautiful life for herself. Her life is full and rich with love, accomplishments, happiness, and plenty.  Today, she is rich beyond measure in all aspects of her life!

Truly recognizing our oneness with Divine Source and knowing that all abundance comes from Universal Source are two Universal Truths that can point us all in the direction of satisfying, creative, happy, abundant lives.     Consider practicing the thinking that you are a divine being with a rich ‘Father,’ whose resources are limitless.  Knowing these Truths will change your life.