While it is difficult to completely eliminate any kind of noise in our world, it is certainly worth a try. In the absence of sensory pollution we can become a little clearer. We can hear the voice within a little better, which is why so many seek a bit of nature as a means of release and escape from the pressures of living. Like Thoreau, We take a mini retreat to “Walden pond” to get reconnected not just with Nature, but with our own nature. We remember that we are like the trees: rooted and strong; timeless and eternal like the mountains; dreamy and creative like the clouds; wild and free like the deer; warm and giving like the sun; patient, still and full of potential like the cool morning air; pliable and flexible like the grass in the breeze…..we re-member. We remember meaning that we rejoin or reconnect with Life.

Many of us have gotten away from this sense of connection and some of us are not so situated to escape back to nature and experience the stillness that it offers. Where has this led us? Perhaps into an area that is devoid of Peace, difficult to find purpose, where the wheels of material progress offer us less and less real value as time goes on. Even as I sit here writing this (at Turquoise Lake in Leadville) I hear the song of the morning bird interrupted by the “progress” of cars in the distance. 

Are we sure that “progress’ is what we think it is?  I recall as a young camper being charged with picking up trail trash while we hiked, part of a larger lesson: Leave something better than when you found it. Does “progress” aid in that goal, or have we begun to truly understand that in truth, less really is more? Nature is our greatest resource, and really our greatest teacher. Are we preserving the lessons that it offers for future generations? Are we being good stewards of what we have been given? It is certainly worth re-membering our Oneness with all that is to recognize that we are not separate from our environment, and that as our environment is impacted, we too are impacted.