By Rev. Rick McCollum

I recently attended the 10-year anniversary celebration of the Louisville Center for Spiritual Living in Louisville, Kentucky.  This was certainly a trip down memory lane.  After almost six years of being away from that Center, I was invited to be their Keynote Speaker at the celebration.  I did help to start and grow the group, as well as, serving as the first Board President for 3 years.  I was brought to a place in consciousness of extreme gratitude.  I am grateful for Vicky Jeter, the Licensed Practitioner who conceived and began the study group 12 years ago.  I worked with her and learned a lot about keeping my mind focused on the goal of creating a welcoming, inclusive, supportive spiritual community.  If she had not held the vision, this spiritual community would not have been born.  I also had great gratitude for Rev. Carolyn Harvill.  She is the founding minister of the Louisville Center.   I was instrumental in bringing her to Kentucky from her long time Texas home.  

I will share that as the Board president, we decided we would interview 3 different candidates, have them do a Sunday service and present a workshop so we could evaluate them to see who would be the best fit for our growing community.  Rev. Carolyn was our first candidate.  After our weekend experience with her, the Board unanimously voted to offer her the position.  So much for all of our plans to have 3 candidates “interview” for the job.  We loved Rev. Carolyn.  10 years later the community is still in love with their minister and Rev. Carolyn admits she never thought she would be in her position this long.  I am grateful for all she has taught me.  I am so proud of this community and how they live the Science of Mind principles.  Gratitude abounds!