In Rev.  Rick’s July 7th sermon on “The Office of Imagination,” he discussed envisioning the life we want by controlling our thinking to create the experiences we desire—Conceiving, Believing, and Receiving.  In one of John Lennon’s most beloved songs, “Imagine,” he encourages us to visualize peace, love, and understanding.  I used my imagination to create the lives of four aging Beatles fans which became my debut novel, “Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da.”  And in that book, the characters set their sights on their hopes and dreams and begin a journey of discovery, challenge, and fulfillment.

The CSL-Parker Women of Wealth, Wisdom and Wonder will be discussing my novel this Saturday July 13th at English Tealeaves in Parker from 1-3 pm.  If you’ve read it, or even if you haven’t (though there may be spoilers), come join us as we reflect on the character arcs and plot lines and how they relate to our own lives—or not.  While some of my ladies consciously choose to take a second chance, others were waiting for someone or something else to change first. However, all had ingrained attitudes, misconceptions, or limited thinking that kept them from seeing the possibilities that could manifest their desires.  What about you?

I call my novel a “coming-of-sage” story because at mid-life we are offered a fresh start and the chance to give back to younger generations.  As in our youth, our bodies and roles in society may be changing, but now we have a backlog of wisdom, experiences, and memories we can use to
create new identities, seek further adventures, and embrace the wonder of the rest and best of life. Yes, Life Goes On.  Come share a spot of tea and tell us where and how you’re going.

The WOWWW meeting is this coming Saturday, July 13, 2019 from 1 – 3 at English Tealeaves in Parker. All women are welcome to join in the conversation.

Diana Curran